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Privacy Policy

Revision/ Renewal Date

April 23 2020 

Rev 000


“Fusion Designs By Cheryl” Privacy Policy

You, our highly valued Customer, have voluntarily provided your email and name id to us at a prior Event or Festival that we have appeared in.

By doing so, you have expressly requested “Fusion Designs By Cheryl” to contact you and provide you with our upcoming Event and Festival schedule announcements.

We have promised to provide these announcements several times throughout the course of the year without inundating your email account. These contacts are planned to be no more than quarterly and more likely two or three times per year.

These Event and Festival schedules may be highly subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control e. g. postponements and reschedules due to weather, pandemics, etc. 

In the event of these changes occurring, we will endeavor to provide you updated, accurate information of our planned participation through additional email contacts.


We respect your privacy. 

We won’t use your E-mail id and name other than sending you a newsletter or announcement of our Event/ Festival schedule or contact you in reference to any issue which is currently open or was open in past between you and “Fusion Designs By Cheryl”.

We won’t share your personal data e.g. E-mail id, and name with any third party which is not related with “Fusion Designs By Cheryl” with regards to our appearance at an Event or Festival.  

We promise that your email and name id will not be shared with anyone else on our mailing list. We send out our email Event and Festival announcements, utilizing the bcc function so that others on our mailing lists are not able to see you data.

We do not provide external websites url information on our website. 

We do utilize external websites, applications to process credit card payments and transact sales. Your payment information is provided to them at your time of purchase as in any other commercial transaction you engage in. We are not and will not be responsible for the content or any contact from these external websites.

We will endeavor to make our best effort to protect your information from government or legal entities unless expressly directed by official Court Order and due process to provide it to any such inquiry.  

You may request at any time via email that you wish to be removed from our mailing announcement list. We will immediately remove you from that list and notify you that your removal request has been completed.  

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