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I believe that Art is a Journey that calls to some of us to follow and explore its many paths.


I grew up in St Paul, Minnesota; graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Spanish. This skill allowed me to live in Mexico City for a number of years teaching English and helped me secure my first commercial job flying to many international destinations with Braniff Airlines.


During that time I was lucky to be exposed to a number of cultures, their architecture and art forms. This continued as I engaged in a number of international bicycle trips that increased my art form interests and appreciation. Corporate jobs with increasing responsibilities over multiple career opportunities led to participating in art classes as a meaningful and interesting outlet for stress relief. This initial pursuit of art classes, attending exhibitions, doodling ideas and forms, dreams focused on art form mediums spurred me on to pursue my "right brain" creative journey.


I started in painting and drawing; pottery; stained glass. In 2011, I "discovered" and became interested in dichroic glass as a jeweler art form after reading an article on NASA and the use of glass in our space program. Through subsequent years, I progressed my competence in both the design of dichroic fused glass and refined my ability in the production processes. Conceptualization and design had to be combined with skills in forming, kiln firing, polishing to produce a quality product to offer in a commercial setting. These skills were the foundation to establish me as the Artist and Owner of "Fusion designs By Cheryl".


During this time I met my Partner Mike, who convinced me and supported me to step out beyond my comfort zone. Up to this point, I ran a few home shows a year for Family and Friends to show and sell my art. We decided together to pursue competitive Art Events and Festivals, juried shows, as an additional channel using our combined management, production, sales and marketing skills to promote, execute and manage a business. This also required additional investments in tools, techniques, skillsets, marketing materials, booth design and materials, outdoor booth equipment, photography experience and an updated commercial website as an additional business channel brought on line in 2020.


In late 2017, I expanded my portfolio offerings again by adding fine silver (PMC silver clay) sterling silver, copper and bronze materials, expanding our jewelry breadth and offerings. The materials offer an almost unlimited range of possible finishes and textures for the end products. This required acquiring additional mastery in forming, metalsmithing, soldering, wire weaving, broomcasting, lost wax casting and  combining the use of fine silver with the illuminating depth of dichroic fused glass.


This growth has caused me to brand this growth in art form as my "Evolution" series and expand my portfolio to emphasize various design product families - Evolution, Hollow Forms, Enchanted Waters, Young at Heart, Barcelona Inspiration, Olde Tyme Christmas along with Fusion Designs.


My learnings and journey as an Artist stretch far into the future limited only by imagination and desire. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?


I started taking stained glass classes in the early 90's.  I bought all the equipment and glass and covered every window in my house.  This was my last piece created and placed in my living room window.  It is 6' X 3'.   


Lots of exciting new materials and techniques have been added to my art recently.  This includes combining precious silver clay and metal casting to my repertoire.

Your's truly in my glass studio (garage)!

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